About Me

I am a Senior Software Engineer and DevOps at ShopIgniter, Inc. My technological expertise include PHP, Ruby, Git[Hub], Docker, and OpsWorks. My techniques embrace Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Loose Coupling, and others.

Spent many years practicing PHP, with server administration on the side. With the advent of Docker, I envisioned a whole new way to develop and deploy code. Imagine, for instance, that the same server structure you used to develop your code was the same used in production? I envision a development cycle that involves a Docker container that moves its way through to Production, with only minimal changes for security.

I dove right in. I found that I'm learning things so quickly that it's easy to forget something I learned just the week before. Thus I decided it was finally time to put effort into a blog. This blog helps as a journal as well as allowing me to give back to the community.

Privately, I enjoy gaming, biking, running, coffee-making, and friends. Portland is rubbing off on me.


Jared Markell

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